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Financial Giving

Here we see financial giving as an act of worship; its the generous giving back of what we have generously received.

Because of this, we seek to make giving as accessible to everyone as possible. The many options available are listed below.

Online Banking: You can give online using our bank account number (12-3085-0116718-00), you can also set up an automatic payment online using our account info, just make sure you list your tithe number in the particulars.

Sunday Giving: During the service we take up the tithes and offerings, so if you prefer to deal in cash, this might be the way for you. If you do, and want it to be associated with you tithe number, please put it into a envelope with your tithe number written on it.

EFTPOS/Credit Card: We have an EFTPOS machine at the Info Desk which is available for you to use each Sunday for giving. Again, please mark the Merchant Receipt with your tithe number and place in the EFTPOS tin.