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Howard & Lynette

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Howard and Lynette Webb have lived in West Auckland for 18 years and have worked for Tandem Ministries (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ NZ) all that time. Howard is currently serving as an elder at Westgate Baptist Church.

Over the past two years they have been seconded to provide leadership to the Churches Volunteering in Communities Trust (CViC).

The number one reason why community-facing ministries fade is because they are often built around one person with no-one to pass the baton to.

In the words of Bruce Miller, ‘Leadership is more like a baton than a trophy. You keep a trophy, but you hand off a baton. In a race, if you don’t hand off the baton, you lose the race.’ He is saying that true leaders have a plan, build teams and plan for succession. If they don’t, their ministry will grind to a halt the day they aren’t there anymore.

The CViC Community Link Training Course is a two-year development track for passionate church-based volunteer leaders to help them make the right start, build a team and develop leaders to succeed them, with a focus on using the opportunities that God provides to share the good news in appropriate ways.

Love Your Neighbour is CVic's initiative with the focus of every neighbourhood across New Zealand being befriended by a local church and blessed through Prayer Care Share.