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What is Membership?

Membership-300x300.jpgMembership is a pledge of faithfulness to Christ as well as a commitment to the local church. It is a public acknowledgement and a personal commitment to follow Jesus, submit to his leading, to serve and be served by the local church.

Membership is open to anyone who professes faith in Jesus Christ, has been baptised, display the fruit that comes from following Christ, and are willing to make a personal commitment to the church. In order to prevent the abuse of our Congregational Governance structure, it is only the members of the church who are empowered to elect pastors, elders and vote on constitutional changes.

If you are interested in becoming a member of Westgate Baptist Church, please contact the office for further information. 

To live at all times such a life as reflects a true christian and a member of the church. To take an active and diligent part in the life and work of the church, regularly attending its services of worship as far as I am able, and being willing to help in whatever way I can. To be faithful in prayer for the church and its witness in the community. To share conscientiously in contributing to the funds of the church according to my means. To share in the governance of the church by supporting and encouraging the leadership of the church, and by attending church members meetings. To do all in my power to deepen and enrich the spirit of fellowship in the church, always seeking to develop a spirit of love in this fellowship of Christ's people. To share by life and word in the supreme task of the church, namely by witnessing to the saving power of Jesus Christ our Lord.

Membership Pledge