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14th July

Don Scott

Who Are God's People?

5th in 'Across the room; Across the world' series

7th July

Peter Kirkpatrick

The Dance of Mercy & Judgment

4th in 'Across the room; Across the world' series

30th June

Andie Davies | Guest Speaker

Mission without Borders

3rd in 'Across the room; Across the world' series

23rd June

Peter Kirkpatrick

The kind of church that God likes

2nd in 'Across the room; Across the world' series

16th June

Peter Kirkpatrick

Remembering & Trusting God's Story

1st in 'Across the room; Across the world' series

9th June

Doug Angove

When God Comes Down

Pentecost Sunday

2nd June

Peter Kirkpatrick

Learning to Pray

Final in 'From the Mountain' series

26th May

Peter Kirkpatrick

True Righteousness

4th in 'From the Mountain' series

19th May

Cliff Edmeades

Making a Difference

3rd in 'From the Mountain' series

12th May

Pauline Pethybridge

Courageous Faith

Mother's Day

5th May

Peter Kirkpatrick

The Right Values

2nd in 'From the Mountain' series

28th April

Peter Kirkpatrick

The Right Foundation

1st in 'From the Mountain' series

21st April

Don Scott

Easter Sunday

14th April

Jay Win Meads

The Passion of Jesus

7th April

Brook Turner

I Climbed a Tree to Save Myself

3rd in 'Towards Easter' series

31st March

Peter Kirkpatrick

The Rich Ruler

2nd in 'Towards Easter' series

17th March

Peter Kirkpatrick

The Beautiful Church

4th in 'Why Church?' series

3rd March

Peter Kirkpatrick

The Worshipping Church

2nd in 'Why Church?' series

24th February

Peter Kirkpatrick

The Commissioned Church

1st in 'Why Church?' series

17th February


Kirkpatrick's Commissioning

10th February

Jenny Gill

Week 5

3rd February

Jay Win Meads

Back to School

27th January Doug Angove Week 4
20th January

Pauline Pethybridge

Week 3

13th January

Cliff Edmeades

Week 2

6th January

Peter Kirkpatrick

Week 1

30th December

Don Scott


23rd December

Cliff Edmeades


16th December

Peter Kirkpatrick


9th December

Co-ordinator: Jay Win Meads

Nativity Pageant

2nd December  

Staceys Farewell

25th November

Rob Stacey

Divine Direction & Divine Favour

6th in 'Exodus' series

18th November

Ben Cameron-Strickland

Who is in your corner?

5th in 'Exodus' series

11th November

Doug Angove

The golden calf or the Lord your God

4th in 'Exodus' series

4th November

Brook Turner

What to do when your back is against the wall

3rd in 'Exodus' series