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16th December

Peter Kirkpatrick


9th December

Co-ordinator: Jay Win Meads

Nativity Pageant

2nd December  

Staceys Farewell

25th November

Rob Stacey

Divine Direction & Divine Favour

6th in 'Exodus' series

18th November

Ben Cameron-Strickland

Who is in your corner?

5th in 'Exodus' series

11th November

Doug Angove

The golden calf or the Lord your God

4th in 'Exodus' series

4th November

Brook Turner

What to do when your back is against the wall

3rd in 'Exodus' series

28th October

Rob Stacey

Bread in the desert

2nd in 'Exodus' series

21st October

Rob Stacey

God's Guiding Presence

1st in 'Exodus' series

14th October

Justin Cherry

Discover Church

Selah Sunday

7th October

Don Scott

What if God is for us?

Final in 'Romans' series

30th September

Jonathan Robinson

Guest Speaker

3rd in 'Romans' series

23rd September

Peter Kirkpatrick

Bad News, Good News

2nd in 'Romans' series

16th September

Rob Stacey

The Gospel that brings Salvation

1st in 'Romans' series

9th September

Brook Turner

Discovering your true self

Final in 'Emergence of true self' series

2nd September

Vince Kilpatrick

Grief & Guts

2nd in 'Emergence of true self' series

26th August

Doug Angove

When the going gets tough

1st in 'Emergence of true self' series

19th August

Merrilyn Withers

Guest Speaker

5th August

Rob Stacey

Life by the Spirit

5th in 'Galatians' series

29th July

Rob Stacey

Adopted as Heirs

4th in 'Galatians' series

22nd July

Ben Cameron-Strickland


3rd in 'Galatians' series

15th July

Shelly West

Week 2

2nd in 'Galatians' series

8th July

Rob Stacey

Prone to Wander

1st in 'Galatians' series