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Small Groups

SmallGroups-300x300.jpgSmall groups at Westgate Baptist are a vital part of Church life. There are several options to choose from. We have both Ladies' and Men's groups as well as mixed groups. 

Small group is where the rubber really meets the road. It is here that we can often use our gifts, and encourage and care for each other. Prayer is a big part of the small groups at Westgate as well as studying God's Word. Many of the Groups have a missionary focus outside their Group. 

Small group is a great opportunity to discuss current issues from around the world and to pray particularly for those in need both here and overseas.

Homegroup is a place where you can feel safe and secure, knowing that you can share a need or something that is challenging you, and that you will be supported and prayed for in confidence.

Small group is a great place for fellowship and having fun. Different Groups will have a "night off" and walk along the beach, or go out for coffee. These are also great times of just hanging out together having sweet fellowship. 

Ali and I lead a small group. We find this both rewarding and challenging. We have grown to love these folk very much and pray for them regularly. We discuss some of the deep issues of life and study the Bible together. Ali also attends a Ladies' Group where she feels very encouraged and supported. Small group is a vital part of life for us both.

Doug & Ali Angove