Your generosity is changing lives

Jesus said that we are more blessed when we give than when we receive (Acts 20:35).

To be generous in all areas of our lives is to do our hearts good, and it shows God that we celebrate all that He has done for us. By giving, we enable Westgate Baptist to continue to offer authentic family to our community and beyond. 

While we do have online giving available, if you prefer to give by direct debit, our bank details are:

Westgate Baptist Church

Blessing Basket

Helping those in need

At Westgate Baptist we have what we call, the blessing basket. This is a food basket that we give to those directly connected with the church, or church members, who are struggling to make ends meet. Any excess is then given to the local food bank run by a number of local churches in the area. 

As you arrive at church, you will find, in a fairly conspicuous place, a woven basket marked as the 'Blessing Basket'. This is where you are invited to place your food donations, these are later brought to the front and prayed over with the collected tithes and offerings.

The food items that we are looking for are:

Tea Bags | Instant Coffee | Sugar | Weetbix | Peanut Butter | Baked Beans | Spaghetti | Dried Pasta | Pasta Sauce | Canned Corn | Tinned Tomatoes | Tinned Fruit | Flour | Cooking Oil | Biscuits | Washing Powder | Dish Washing Liquid | Soap | Toothpaste | Toilet Rolls

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